Saturday, July 28, 2012

Two on Two

In celebration of our second wedding anniversary, Erwin and I agreed that we should go on two dates – one planned by him and one planned by myself.

The idea for my date came easy. When we were jogging at East Coast Park (ECP) about a week before our anniversary, we passed by East Coast Seafood Centre and that’s when I saw my pick, Jumbo Seafood.  We’ve been to Jumbo (the one at Clarke Quay) a few times before and we like their crab and prawn dishes a lot. My date was scheduled on the actual anniversary day, July 17,  so I really didn’t want to experiment, fail and make that special day a disaster. Plus, Jumbo ECP has a very nice beach view, so it has what I wanted my date place to have – delicious food and romantic scenery. Jumbo restaurants are usually jam-packed, but I don’t really mind the huge crowd because it does come with the restaurant being known for serving good food. I just had to make sure that I make a reservation in advance because we’ve experienced not getting-in Jumbo before as the place is usually fully-booked.

On our date, we feasted on chilli crab, steamed crab, grilled red tilapia and salted egg prawn. We had the perfect excuse to pig-out! It was our anniversary! Haha! Anyway, I can’t say which dish was the best because everything tasted so good. We were seated at one of the tables that are close to the entrance, so we had a very good view of the beach. It was perfect.

Erwin’s date happened the following Sunday, July 22. His was a 4-course dinner in a Singapore Flyer private capsule. Fancy! I must say, it was a bit “un-Erwin”, which just made it more special because he really made the date a stand-out from the many dates that we’ve already had. Don’t get me wrong. I like the regular “Erwin” dates. I’m just saying that the Singapore Flyer date was out-of-the-ordinary and very fitting for a special occasion. We had our own butler and she served us salad, soup, chicken with cream sauce, lamb with some red sauce, cheesecake and tea. I call all those “hotel food”, which, I must confess, I don’t really enjoy as much as the regular restaurant, hawker or home-cooked food. In any case, an hour of dining atop the world’s largest giant observation wheel (two full turns) was still an experience and it was very special, not because of anything else, but because of the person who made it happen.

So, that’s how we celebrated our second anniversary – together. Emphasis on “together” because during our first anniversary, I was in the US for a work assignment. Ah… TOGETHER – this really just makes a lot of difference, anniversary or not.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Introducing Mrs. Felixity

As my “About Me” section says, I am Leah Felix. Wife of Erwin. Filipino IT professional based in Singapore. Blogger when my schedule allows me to be one.

Wife of Erwin – I’ve been married for two years now. I got married on July 17, 2010 to my then boyfriend of three years, Erwin. I love how my married name, Felix, means happy and fortunate. “Felixity” is actually a play of the words “Felix” and “felicity” (an instance of great happiness). I added “Mrs.”, so that the name would also reflect my marital status.

Filipino IT professional based in Singapore – I’ve been in the IT industry for more than nine years. I started in Accenture - Manila, Philippines and that’s where I met my husband.  I moved to Singapore some time in 2008 and now, I am working for a multinational bank’s IT group here in Singapore. My husband is also based here in Singapore.

Blogger when my schedule allows me to be one – I’ve always liked writing. When I was in college, I was with the student publication and most of my published works were Filipino short stories.  I don’t get to do creative writing anymore, but I still try to write about my personal experiences during my free time. I used to write at and, but I wanted a fresh space, hence, this new blog.

So, that’s basically who I am and hopefully, as I continue to fill this new space with my stories, I also get to share more about myself and the things that made and make me "Mrs. Felixity".